The Dynjandi Falls

Without exaggeration, I think waterfalls might outnumber people in the Westfjords. Fed by the massive ice blocks which dominate the highland interior, and coursing down the mountains toward the shore, there seems to be another waterfall around every corner. Some are trickles, some mighty cascades, but the most impressive we saw throughout our time in the peninsula was easily Dynjandi.

Dynjandi begins where a wide glacial river drops off a cliff on its way to the Arnarfjörður Fjord. From the parking lot, it looks like one huge waterfall, but as you approach you realize that there are at least a dozen. A path leads past the smaller falls, up to the main drop.

Cascading down over an ever-widening series of cliffs, Dynjandi forms a pyramid shape. Its initial width is 30 meters, but by the time it hits bottom, it has expanded to twice that. You can walk nearly to the foot of the waterfall, although it’s a slippery and dangerous path, and there’s no way to avoid getting drenched by the powerful spray.

We stayed for almost two hours. With the picturesque fjord stretching off into the distance, it’s an enchanting location and easy to reach, just a couple minutes off road #60 south of Þingeyri. An unmissable sight while in the Westfjords.

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