Hey There, Pretty Horse: Prepare For Your Close-Up

The first time I saw an Icelandic horse, it was laying on the ground, on its side. “Horses don’t lay down,” I thought. “It must be dead!” And then it rolled onto its back, all the way over onto its other side, and stood up in one semi-fluid movement. “It must be insane!”

Laying down and rolling aren’t the only tricks the Icelandic horse has up its sleeve. It has also mastered the art of looking fabulous. With their vast array of colors, incredible manes, and sassy attitudes, Iceland’s horses were born ready for the runway. And they certainly don’t shy away from the camera. We had a blast taking these portraits of some of the island’s most photogenic residents.

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  1. Susan Martin-Serra

    I love the Icelandic horse! I have two myself; they are full brothers but entirely different “horsenalities” as one is very stoic and introverted while the other is very outgoing and extroverted (downright naughty in fact, but great fun too).

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